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Life Members/Patrons

Life Members

Mrs C Abraham

Mrs J A Baxter

Mrs P Bertenshaw

Mrs J Carter

Mrs P Duff

Mr D Galashan

Mr W Galloway

Mr T Girvan

Miss H Graham

Miss A Irwin

Miss S Kennedy

Mr M McDowell

Mr D McWilliams

Mrs M Mack

Mrs E Moore

Mr M Robinson

Mr P Kennedy (Hon Life Member)

Mrs V Sheils (Hon Life Member)

Mr L Harrison (Hon Life Member)

Ms N Spiers (Hon Life Member)

Mr M Maxwell (Hon Life Member)

Mrs M White (Hon Life Member) 

Life Patrons

Mr & Mrs A J Boal

Mr & Mrs B Carson

Mrs D M Eager

Col W F Gillespie OBE, TD, DL

Mrs S Girvan

Dr & Mrs H Graham

Mrs W King

Mr G McClure

Mr W H McEvoy

Mr C T Mack

Mrs D C Mills

Mr & Mrs B Shields

Mrs C D D Suffern

Miss R Warnock

Mr W H Yarr


Mrs D H Adams

Miss S Adams

Miss D Anderson

Mrs M A Begley

Mr V Berry

Mrs T E Brooker

Mrs L Brooks

Miss D Burns

Mrs H Carinduff

Mrs E Carser

The Hon. The Lord Justice Carswell & Lady Carswell

Mrs J Coates

Mr J Coker

Mrs J Cole

Mrs M E Corbett

Miss A Corkey

Miss L A Cunnah

Mr J D Denton

Mrs E Dilworth

Mr & Mrs J J Eccles

Mr & Mrs Fitzgerald

Mrs F E Frayne

Mrs C Frizell

Mr J A Gaston

Mrs W Harrison

Mr A P Hedgcock

Mr & Mrs Henderson

Mr D Hogg

Mrs W Jebb

Mr & Mrs W P B Lawther

Mr & Mrs R B Lyons

Mrs A Martin

Mr T Martin

Mr & Mrs R F McCance

Mr & Mrs J McClelland

Miss D McCready

Mrs P McKeag

His Hon. Judge J McKee & Lady McKee

Mr A R McKeown

Mr & Mrs E McLarnon

Miss M McVey

Miss O Melville

Mrs N Mudd

Dr & Mrs A S Neville

Miss E J Patton

Mr W D Pedlow

Mr & Mrs J Petrie

Dr & Mrs M R Phillips

Mr & Mrs S Rice

Mrs M Rooney

Mrs J Ross

Miss J M Stevenson

Mr & Mrs A L Stewart

Mrs A D Taylor

Mr & Mrs C Thompson

Mr & Mrs R B Thompson

Mr W I Topley

Miss C I Totten

Mrs R C Turner

Mrs E Vance

Miss M Wadsworth